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NEW Centre at Tilba Tilba

NEW Centre at Tilba Tilba



Khenpo la announced at the AGM that the new centre is now named Kamalashila Tibetan Buddhist Centre. His Holiness the Sakya Trizin has given his blessings for the new centre and name, and His Eminence Luding Khenchen Rinpoche gave his blessings recently to Khenpo la and the centre members. These are most special blessings as we embark together on this very exciting Dharma project.

On Saturday 5 December at 4.30pm Khenpo la, the committee and members and friends gathered for the AGM. Khenpo la gave his heartfelt thank you to all those who assisted him and the committee to achieve the purchase and move to the new premises. There were many who helped, packing and unpacking,  cleaning, transporting goods and cooking to name but a few tasks. This required great effort and many members and friends assisted. Khenpo la paid a special thank you to Joe Morrissey, a dedicated member who offered many hours of legal service to the centre.

After the formalities, the celebratory dinner was offered and we all got to enjoy each others company in the beautiful surrounds.


On Sunday 6 December at 6.30am, Khenpo la lead the first group practice at the centre with the elaborate Green Tara Puja. This was followed by recitation of Recollecting the Triple Gem and the Sixteen Arhat Puja. Khenpo la said that the Sixteen Arhat Puja is traditionally conducted at such auspicious and celebratory occasions. The puja was beautifully lead in Tibetan by Khenpo la and in English by Lael and auspicious rice and tea was offered.


We look forward to seeing you all one day at Kamalashila Tibetan Buddhist Centre. It is such an extraordinary blessing to now have a permanent home for Drogmi Buddhist Institute and our precious teacher Khenpo la. Many years of dedication teaching the dharma in Australia, coupled with amazing vision from Khenpo la have culimated in this wonderful opportunity, not just for all of us, but for generations to come.

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