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Public Teachings (Australia)

Public Teachings (Australia)

Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe Australian Programme 2017




Buddhist Philosophy 9 Week Course

  • From 1 June to 23 November.
  • 2/ 20 Murray Street, Croydon, Sydney

Text Precious Garland Teaching. In thePrecious Garland, Nagarjuna offers advice on how to conduct our lives. The advice for personal happiness is concerned first with improving our condition over the course of lifetimes and then with release from all kinds of suffering, culminating inBuddhahood. the qualities of thebuddhas.

In his advice on social and governmental policy, Nagarjuna emphasises education and compassionate care for all living beings, and states his opposition to the death penalty, and appeals for charity for the homeless. Calling for the appointment of government figures who do not seek profit or fame, he advises that a selfish motivation will lead to misfortune.

These teachings are suitable for everyone. If you have not attended teachings on this previously, it remains a most suitable text for anyone to study.

Cost: $20 per class or a one-off payment of $160 for the full year 9 weeks.

June 1:  Week 1

June 22:  Week 2

July 13: Week 3

July 27: Week 4

August 10: Week 5

August 31: Week 6

October 19: Week 7

November 9: Week 8

November 23: Week 9


 On going regular Meditation at:

  • Kamalashila Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Wednesdays 10-11am: Shamatha Meditation
  • In Sydney 2/ 20 Murray Street, Croydon, 1st and 3rd Sundays  9-10am Green Tara 10-11am: Shamatha Meditation.





Foster: 24-26 November. Contact Peter email:


Melbourne: 1-4 December.  Contact .  Contact Penny on 0439877104 or Sylvia on 0419693730



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